Drew McClain, one of New York City’s most sought after and highly rated psychic/mediums, often jokes that his career path was more of a ‘yelling than a calling.’ In fact, Drew’s family’s first inkling of his gift occurred when he was just 7 years old at back to school night. The students were asked to estimate the weight of Random objects on various scales. To the surprise of both Drew and his family, he ‘guessed’ the exact answers correctly. This trend continued with solving other such challenges throughout the night, until other families, teachers, and the principle began to take notice. This sort of uncanny ability continued for years, until, at the age of 16, Drew correctly predicted that his grandfather’s cancer diagnosis, given by multiple physicians, was inaccurate. Instead, Drew explained, his declining health was due to his extraordinarily high level of potassium, a finding that was later proven true.  To this day, Drew is still known for his astute medical predictions, and his extraordinary ability to diagnose illness.


Recognizing he had an incredibly special gift, and knowing he was destined to use this gift for the greater good, Drew began pursuing a career as a psychic/medium in his early 20’s, with nothing but business cards and word of mouth.  Over time, and with great thanks to the Internet, word has spread far and wide, and he has been working as a psychic/medium successfully for over a decade with clients in 24 different countries. In his private readings, done either in person or by phone, Drew utilizes his unique technique of automatic writing  to aid in his incredibly accurate and specific predictions.


 In addition to his powerful psychic abilities, Drew is also able to connect with, and give clients messages from their deceased loved ones.  This ability wasn’t always positive for Drew.  In fact, years of internalizing the energies of spirit left him suffering with severe and chronic anxiety. Out of desperation, Drew sought out the help of a psychotherapist, read every self-help book he could get his hands on, and in time, taught himself how to channel spirit without depleting his own energy. Drew is now able to see his ability as an absolute gift, and is so thankful that he was able to heal himself mentally so he can now help and heal others emotionally with powerful messages from spirit.


Drew feels incredibly blessed in so many aspects of his life! When he isn’t working, he can be found spending time with friends and loved ones, traveling, gardening, working out, or shopping (Most likely at Bloomingdale's or Diesel). Drew is eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to help so many throughout his life thus far, and looks forward to the next chapter of his extraordinary journey.


Xoxo -Drew McClain <3


Thank you for your interest in a reading with Drew McClain. Please note, he is currently booked over Six months in advance for private readings. You may request to be added to the wait list and will be contacted, in the event a space opens up prior to your originally scheduled date. We look forward to hearing from you. Preparing For Your" Mediumship Reading" Drew suggests that you wait at least THREE MONTHS after a loved one’s passing before having a Medium reading with him. Please record your session with your smartphone, please make sure it is on silent mode or airplane mode so that it does not ring during the Reading. Please do not bring pets or young children to your sitting. On the days leading up to your scheduled , Drew suggests the following…Send loving thoughts or “invitations” to those you wish to have contact with on spirit side. Simply ask them to be with you at your reading, giving them specifics such as the day and time of your reading. Preparing for Your "Psychic Predictive Reading" Drew McClain is powerful predictive psychic. As ironic as it sounds not all "Psychic's" are capable of prophecy and making specific accurate predictions. Drew has earned his reputation as one of the highest rated psychic's in NYC for his incredibly accurate Psychic insights. Drew recommends preparing a detailed list of questions to bring into your session. However he strongly encourages that you never reveal that list to him. He believes a good Psychic should just simply know. Please TEXT 714.553.2610 to Schedule all Readings with Drew McClain. Session Rates: Drew McClain is $250 per half hour. Please note All sessions with Drew are paid in advance

Will you be able to connect with me just as clear and accurate over Skype or Facetime as in person?

What if I haven't had anyone close to me pass over? Can I still get a reading?

Yes most definitely! Most of my clients are in other countries and all around the world. And don't have the ability to see me in-person at my office. But still I get asked this question a lot, and my answer is this, it can be more "CLEAR" over the phone. Because my clients are able to concentrate within their own personal and private environment. Making a powerful and comfortable experience for the both of us. PLEASE DO NOT: Call from your car or outside. Otherwise your session will have to be rescheduled due to poor reception. The line connection needs to be clear. We appreciate the understanding.

Why hasn't what you predicted for me happened yet?

Time is linear and measured in our world down to increments of a second, whereas it isn’t measured at all in the spirit world.  Sometimes what I can interpret as two weeks can actually mean two months. I accept that I am human and there is room for misinterpretation on my part. Be patient. Trust the good-intentioned information coming through this higher source and remember that what you do with it can also affect its result. Nothing is written in stone, the future is malleable and as I medium I teach all of my clients that we can create our destiny.

Absolutely! Oftentimes, even people distantly related to you can come through. Just because you didn’t know them personally doesn’t mean they aren’t connected to you. Also, your reading doesn’t necessarily have to be about a loved one coming through. It can also be about life situations such as work, friends, family, and spiritual direction.

How can I prepare for our reading?

It’s very important to ensure a calm energy and open mind during our connection. Ambient noise or other distractions can take away from this, so find a quiet place for yourself. Have a list of questions written down. I don’t expect you to feed these to me, but if you have them in your sight, chances are they will be answered throughout our reading. If possible, take 5 minutes beforehand to quiet your mind and invite those whom you wish to come through. Have pen and paper to take notes. Names, dates and symbols don’t always make sense the first time you hear them, so it’s important to be able to refer back to what you’ve written down. And be sure to save them! It isn’t uncommon for certain messages to fully come to pass a year, even two years later.

What if I'm not feeling comfortable with the information coming through?

Do you do readings in person? What about group readings or events?

My purpose is, first and foremost , to connect you with those who wish to come through and share guidance and other important messages, not to create panic or fear. The truth of the matter is that readings can stir up intense emotions at times. Our connection is based on openness, yours and mine, so please do communicate to me any feelings that come up, especially if you feel uncomfortable.

Future predictions do come through in a reading from spirit, whether it be your loved ones coming through, or a guide or angel; however, it is very important to understand that your future is always changing and you are the one who is in control of this. You should never live your life solely by what comes through in a reading, but rather use the information as a tool to improve your current situation.

Will future predictions come through during my session?

Other than your name and contact information nothing more! Please do not write me before our reading “explaining” anything about yourself, past history or present situation. It prevents me from giving you the validation you are seeking and can actually inhibit the process of our reading.


You may not always hear from the people whom you hoped to connect with in a reading. We are never sure who or what information will come through. Have faith that these validations and messages are what you need to hear at this time in your life.

Please refer to the Contact Page to schedule an appointment. Or, please text at: 714.553.2610 to book all sessions with Drew McClain

Yes, Drew conducts in person sessions and has worked with world renowned businesses and their corporate events. Please refer to "contact" for all other inquiries.


Do I need to provide you with any personal information beforehand?

Why didn't certain love one's come through?


How do I schedule a reading with you?

Payments received are considered final and no refunds will be issued; in the event you need to reschedule your session please give 72 hours notice so that your time can be offered to another client on the wait list. Please keep in mind that because of the high demand for Drew's services, we cannot guarantee that your session will be rescheduled on your preferred date. However, We will do our best to accommodate your request. Thank you for your understanding.

What is your refund or rescheduling policy?

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Phone Sessions - PLEASE DO NOT: Call from your car or outside. Otherwise your session will have to be rescheduled due to poor reception. The line connection needs to be clear. We appreciate the understanding.


Please note: Occasionally, it is necessary to reschedule appointments due to last-minute changes on Drew's calendar, such as family emergencies. In addition, Drew does not conduct readings when he is feeling under the weather. We apologize in advance, for any inconvenience in the case that this happens.


Please note that all consultations with Drew McClain are prepaid prior to the booking process.


By requesting a reading and/or scheduling an appointment with Drew McClain, you understand and are agree that Drew McClain is not a medical professional, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional, and cannot give medical, legal, or tax advice. Any information or advice given by Drew McClain is not to be used by you in place of any medical, legal, tax or financial advice or diagnosis from qualified and licensed professionals in those fields. Readings by Drew McClain are intended to offer insight into your personal life and do not in any way constitute medical, legal, tax or financial advice. Drew McClain will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this website or as a result of any reading or appointment with Drew McClain, or any persons or events related thereto, and/or any actions or decisions that you may make as a result, including without limitation, actual, incidental and/or consequential damages resulting from any claims resulting from any act or omission, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or otherwise, including without limitation, personal injury, death, loss of income, stress (emotional or otherwise), errors or omissions, or otherwise.



It is "recommended" that you please contact us VIA TEXT MESSAGE rather then sending an e-mail Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!   (714).553.2610

Refund & Rescheduling Policy:

Payments received are considered final and no refunds will be issued under any condition; in the event you need to reschedule, please give 72 hours notice so that your time can be given to a client on the wait list; if you do not give 72 hours notice, your request will be considered a new appointment and will be subject to standard scheduling procedures. Please note that because of the high demand for Drew's services, we cannot guarantee that your session will be rescheduled on your preferred date. However, Drew has his client's best interest at heart and will do his best to reschedule his clients as soon as possible. In addition, should Drew have to reschedule on account of sickness, this does not qualify for a refund; Drew wants to provide his clients with the best possible experience, and he is not able to do his job correctly if he is not well. You will be rescheduled at his earliest availability. Thank you for understanding.