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Drew McClain

Drew McClain


Drew McClain is no ordinary New Yorker. Sure, there are a lot of people in the Big Apple that possess the no-nonsense attitude, but there is one thing that truly separates him from the others in West Harlem, Manhattan - Drew knows exactly whats going on in your life with out having to ask you! Which is why he is NYC's Top rated Psychic Medium.



Drew's Assistant

Bleu is a curious and tranquil animal. Her friendliness and intelligence are second to none! She is sensitive to human emotions and typically has a reserved behavior around unfamiliar people, but she also possesses a keen ability to remember her favorite visitors and will race to greet familiar faces, even if a lot of time has passed between visits. It's obvious why Drew chose her as his assistant.

Drew McClain, one of New York City’s most sought after and highly rated psychic/mediums, often jokes that his career path was more of a ‘yelling than a calling.’ In fact, Drew’s family’s first inkling of his gift occurred when Drew correctly predicted that his grandfather’s cancer diagnosis, given by multiple physicians, was inaccurate. Instead, Drew explained, his declining health was due to his extraordinarily high level of potassium, a finding that was later proven true.  To this day, Drew is still known for his astute medical predictions, and his extraordinary ability to diagnose illness. 

Recognizing he had an incredibly special gift, and knowing he was destined to use this gift for the greater good, Drew began pursuing a career as a psychic/medium when he was at the very young age of only 19. With nothing but business cards and word of mouth.  Over time, and with great thanks to the Internet, word has spread far and wide, and he has been working as a psychic/medium successfully for over a decade with clients in many different countries. In his private readings, done either in person or by phone, Drew utilizes his unique technique of automatic writing  to aid in his incredibly accurate and specific insights.

In addition to his powerful psychic abilities, Drew is also able to connect with, and give clients messages from their deceased loved ones.  This ability wasn’t always positive for Drew.  In fact, years of internalizing the energies of spirit left him suffering with very severe and chronic anxiety. Out of desperation, Drew sought out the help of a psychotherapist, read every self-help book he could get his hands on, and in time, taught himself how to channel spirit without depleting his own energy. Drew is now able to see his ability as an absolute gift, and is so thankful that he was able to heal himself mentally so he can now help and heal others emotionally with powerful messages from spirit.

Drew feels incredibly blessed in so many aspects of his life! When he isn’t working, he can be found spending time with friends and loved ones, traveling, gardening, working out. Drew is eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to help so many throughout his life thus far, and looks forward to the next chapter of his extraordinary journey.


What People are Saying

“The Real Deal”

"Guys! Drew is the REAL deal. I first saw Drew in 2015 after a really awful breakup. I went into our session slightly skeptical and not a huge believer, but had an open mind looking for answers that would give me hope and guidance. I left that first session feeling so much better about my situation as Drew specifically addressed and assured me of some amazing things to come in my life. Boy, was he right!"

Paige D.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

“A Blessing To Find”

"Drew is rare among people who call themselves "psychics", because -he actually is psychic. I think about 1 in 1000 are real, and I'm blessed that I found him. Drew starts with a general reading without asking any questions. After about 10 min or so, you can ask specific questions of him. He is specific with initials, names, and dates. He predicted things about my job, specific names of colleagues, knew I have a home in another country and trying to make a purchase (this is not online at all), and predicted how a difficult situation would turn out."

Alexia R.

Manhattan, New York, NY

“I Had to Share”

"I wanted to add my own personal experience and join the others singing the praises of the very talented Drew McClain.  I met with Drew to discuss my business, as well as ask some general questions about my life.  He told me things about myself and my family that completely blew me away.  There is no way he could have known these things unless he was a close friend.  He told me about health issues and precise, specific things regarding members of my family, including things about myself too.  It was as if Drew knew me for years based on the things he said.  "

Sean C.

Manhattan, New York, NY


"It was truly an amazing experience having a reading with Drew. The moment I entered his apartment he put me immediately at ease with his warmth and outgoingness.  As others have said it's like getting advice from your best friend who holds a wealth of knowledge about you --to help assist you to make the best decisions for your life.  Be prepared to digital record the reading as so much information is provided -- you want to listen to it later over and over again --as so much is said and rather quickly at times."

Robert K.

New York, NY

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