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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the "Life Reading also know as a Psychic Reading" and the "Mediumship Reading" options when scheduling?

The Life Reading - Psychic option is for a life reading and guidance. Regarding , past, present and future insights. The "Mediumship and Reading" option is for those who specifically want to connect with those who have crossed over.

How should I prepare for a reading?

Being open with our expectations is key. All future predictions are based on what you have aligned with. There is no set future, only what we've created. Understanding that we have all free will and that a reading is to bring clarity on the direction you are heading in life. Although we make predictions that come to pass, the predictions themselves were not set in stone, just aligned with.

How long should I wait to connect with a loved one that has crossed over?

I always advise to wait 2-3 months after your loved ones have crossed to set up a session. A few factors being: You need a appropriate amount of grieving to be ready to hear and absorb messages from those that have crossed. Also, spirit may not be accessible after their transition period, and while in grief, that may make things worse for the sitter (you) if they don't come though. Mediumship is to make connection to spirit and to validate existence, not to make a person whole.

Why Can't I be Read?

Being closed or resistance, having poor intentions, hounding the same issue, and being a psychic vampire can block you off. No psychic can fix you, but you. True psychics read your vibrational grid and provide insight to your path. You are 100% in control of your destiny. True psychics provide insight on it. And what you choose to do with the information is entirely up to you and your free will choice. 


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